Iwak 19 : Shirley

Shirley is a witch on a mission on the beach. She watches ships on the sea. She searches for shells on the shore. She fishes on the shore and sells the fillets to the sushi chef. She shares the sea shells with other witches. She uses her share of shells for charms which she then shoves on the shelves in her shack. Shirley uses the charms on stuff produced with cloth : shirts, shoes, skirts, sheets, suits, even sheath dresses.

Tongue twisters were Shirley's hobbies. She loved them and she was very good with them. As often as possible, she would use them while talking. The twisters and the speed used to utter them often were enough to make every person within earshot feel dizzy. Mostly it was for fun, but sometimes, she used this dizziness to hex people. However, Shirley was benevolent, only playing harmless tricks, telling truths more often than lies.

As such, Shirley did really search for shells on the shore when she went to the beach.

Inktober With A Keybord, Jour 19 : "Journée à la plage" et "Tête qui tourne"
Chaque jour d'Octobre, un texte avec deux thèmes imposés. Le premier vient de la liste Witchtober, le second de la liste officielle Inktober.

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